Tue. Jun 4th, 2024
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The Proper Care for Dogs with Long Coats

There is an ever-growing interest for dogs with long, luscious, and beautiful coats. Breeds like Shih Tzus, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Silky Terriers, and Rough Collies, among others, have gained popularity over the recent years. These dog breeds feature very attractive coats which can turn heads and melt hearts rather easily. However, owning dogs with this type of coat requires owners to pay more attention to hair care and maintenance. Owners should be knowledgeable of the proper tick prevention and treatment, the correct bathing methods, the right products to use, and the appropriate handling strategies. This article will help you achieve just that.

Dealing with ticks

Dogs with long coats are more susceptible to tick infestation. A lengthy coat makes it much easier for parasites and pests to attach themselves to your dog’s body. On the part of the owner, it is your responsibility to regularly check your dog’s coat for ticks and other pests. It is generally advised that you comb through your dog’s fur on a daily basis not only to prevent lumps and tangles but also to check for signs of infestation. Additionally, regularly bathe your dogs and use specially formulated shampoos for tick prevention.

Bathe them properly

These breeds also require extra effort when it comes to bathing. Much like how long hair on humans requires more time and work in the showers, dogs with long coats also need to be thoroughly cleaned. The usual bath typically involves extensive brushing or combing through the dog’s coat. When bathing, also make sure that you reach into every nook and cranny of your dog’s body to make sure you do not miss any spots. After rinsing their bodies, be sure to pat them dry first with a towel before proceeding to use blow dryers. Drying is an essential part of the bathing process because it prevents tangles and lumps from building up. Optionally, you could apply a couple of sprays of post-bath scents and shines to your dog’s coat to keep it smelling and looking good.

Use the right products

The market is filled with many options for shampoos, conditioners, colognes, and oils advertised to help with your dog’s proper hygiene. As such, it is extremely easy to lose yourself in the variety of choices and it poses a challenge for owners to choose effective and safe products. When searching for products for your dogs, always check the labels and specifications for ingredients that may be harmful to pets. The general rule would be to shy away from products with plenty of artificial ingredients. As it is with most products, always prefer those who use natural ingredients and components as they tend to be safer and more effective. Moreover, be wary of mixing different products and brands. Some products may contain chemicals or ingredients that could react when used in conjunction with others. With that said, always do sufficient research beforehand. When in doubt, always check with veterinary professionals for the appropriate advice and guidance.

Special handling considerations

Your dog’s lengthy coat also poses challenges when it comes to handling. In this regard, the ultimate rule would be to avoid exposing them to dirty environments. Clean your living space regularly, let your dog’s sleep inside the house, walk them in relatively clean areas, and immediately clean or brush their hair after going outside. Dirt and grime can lead to lumps and tangles which are extremely difficult to eliminate. When neglected, this can be extremely painful for your dog’s especially if their paws get caught in tangles. In the worst cases, you may be forced to remove lumps and tangles by way of shaving your dog’s hair at certain spots or even their entire body.